Magezi Wants MPs off Committee

By Joanita Mbabazi
Raphael magyezi of Igara West MP who is the mover of the motion to uplift presidential age limits, says that he doesn’t have confidence in the current legal and parliamentary affairs to hand the age limit bill that he tabled 2 weeks back in parliament.
Magyezi says the committee already has biased members both those in support and against the bill already and he thinks his bill will not be expeditiously handled as so far those who supported the bill on the floor of Parliament as seconders of the bill like Hon kafuuzi Jackson kyaka South will not be able to participate in the scrutinizing of the bill and he sits on this committee.
However according to the rules of procedures of parliament Hon Kafuuzi as the seconder of the motion on the floor of parliament cannot participate in the scrutinizing of the bill at committee. According to Hon kafuuzi,”i cannot participate in the bill discussion in the committee however much a member of the committee.”

To Magyezi since most of the members have taken sides already magyezi wants a seperate committee of members of parliament who have not shown sides on this bill as he thought even those the seconders to his bill on the floor would be part of those who will assist him to explain the bill to other members of the committee.
However to his other party members from the nrm who sit on the legal committee this did not sound any good to their ears.

According to Hon Obua Hamson of Ajuri County a member on the legal committee Magyezi should not undermine other MPs especially on the committee saying they have handled bills in Parliament and Magyezi’s age limit bill is not exceptional.
For every bill addressed in Parliament there will be in support or against it adds on Obua and Magyezi has to face reality.

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