Gulu NRM Chairman Quits

By Ronnie Layoo
The Mayor of Gulu Municipality has turned against his party the NRM accusing it of “being managed like a family business”.
George Labeja who doubles as the NRM Chairman for Gulu Municipality accuses the NRM bigwigs in the district of turning the party into a family affair.
He particularly accuses Brigadier Otema Awany and his brother Richard Todwong the Minister without portfolio of “personalizing the party”.
‘‘I, am very disappointed in the NRM bigwigs in the district who are isolating me because I have stood my grounds and refused to allow shoddy work in the district’’ Mayor George Labeja claims that the two brothers held a meeting in Tangi village “in order to front their own candidates for the primaries”.
During a press conference held at his residence today the Mayor revealed that he is running as an independent candidate “after discovering that the Tangi resolution had already rigged more than 3000 votes in favor of Alfred Okunga”.
He claims that the bigwigs in the party are just fronting candidates basing on the family relationship and bonk mates which are undermining democracy in the lower structures.
The Mayor is bitter that the affairs of the party have been left in the hands of a family to manage it in Gulu.
Otema Awany however denies the allegations explaining that “the mayor is just afraid of competition”.
“The mayor has been accusing me of bringing Joachim and now he is claiming that am supporting Okunga. Those are total lies and rubbish he should not be a coward”.
Another contestant Oweka Denis has also opted to stand as an independent candidate. He too claims to have received threats from NRM bigwigs in the district.

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